A look at louis armstrongs music career and his influence on the history of jazz music

By the end of the decade, Louis Armstrong was established as a major international star. Armstrong returned to Chicago in due mostly to the urging of his wife, who wanted to pump up Armstrong's career and income.

Bing Crosby and many other celebrities were regulars at the club.

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In these early years, he grew up, alternatively, under the care of his maternal grandmother, and with his mother and any one of her common-law husbands. The song begins with a brief trumpet solo, then the main melody is introduced by sobbing horns, memorably punctuated by Armstrong's growling interjections at the end of each bar: "Yeah! However, controversy regarding Armstrong's fatherhood struck in , when a girlfriend that the musician had dated on the side, Lucille "Sweets" Preston, claimed she was pregnant with his child. Louis Armstrong , hand-colored etching by Adi Holzer Armstrong often stated that he was born on July 4, Just months after he wrote this piece, he died in his sleep at age Breach of contract violations plagued him. He also started to get into trouble. Armstrong returned home in May , and though he soon resumed playing again and promised to perform in public once more, he died in his sleep on July 6, , at his home in Queens, New York. He began playing with the large bands that were popular at the time, but soon realized that his style was better suited to a smaller ensemble.

Rather than mostly performing jazz originals and New Orleans standards as earlier, Armstrong explored popular songs from the Great American Songbook, changing the compositions of GershwinPorterBerlinRodgers and others into jazz through his interpretations.

Lil's influence eventually undermined Armstrong's relationship with his mentor, especially concerning his salary and additional moneys that Oliver held back from Armstrong and other band members.

Having demonstrated his willingness to work hard and act responsibly, Louis was made the leader of the band. In the s, Armstrong performed with a number of different musical groups, and began to revolutionize the jazz world with his introduction of the extended solo.

The band drew the Hollywood crowd, which could still afford a lavish night life, while radio broadcasts from the club connected with younger audiences at home. The recording was so popular that the group became the most famous jazz band in the United States, even though they had not performed live to any great extent.

A look at louis armstrongs music career and his influence on the history of jazz music

His most familiar role was as the bandleader cum narrator in the musical, High Society, in which he sang the title song and performed a duet with Bing Crosby on "Now You Has Jazz". Armstrong's version remained on the Hot for 22 weeks, longer than any other record produced that year, and went to No. The early s saw Armstrong's popularity explode as he left New Orleans for Chicago to play with "King" Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, and then moved on to New York, where he influenced the Fletcher Henderson Orchestra with improvisation and a new musical vocabulary. He was not taken seriously by young up-and-coming jazz musicians. However, a growing generation gap became apparent between him and the young jazz musicians who emerged in the postwar era such as Charlie Parker , Miles Davis , and Sonny Rollins. This is where Louis Armstrong began to change the direction of jazz. Eager to participate in the home's brass band, Armstrong was disappointed that he was not allowed to join right away. He filled in for Oliver at gigs and gained further experience playing in parades and funeral marches.

In one such collage, he crammed a page with almost a dozen photos of Jackie Robinson. Image Armstrong with a teenage trumpeter in a Mexico City dressing room in Finally, he hired Joe Glaser as his new manager, a tough mob-connected wheeler-dealer, who began to straighten out his legal mess, his mob troubles, and his debts.

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