A comparison of vietnamese tradition and american culture and their similarities

Have you ever seen 5 dudes sitting in miniature plastic chairs on the sidewalk eating takeout and belting karaoke?

Vietnamese cultural diversity

There are several similarities and differences between America and Vietnam, specifically, in wedding ceremonies, food and the education system. Secondly, people sometimes go out for dinner with romantic partner in both Vietnam and America. Are you a Westerner in Vietnam? People eat noodles at any time of day. In conclusion, the two patterns indicated above can show that they both have a few things in common but most of them are different. Vietnamese use sauces a lot, especially fish sauce, and a meal is never complete without the sauces. The scale was then translated into Vietnamese and given to a randomly selected group of Vietnamese living in South Vietnam shortly before the fall of Saigon. Among the results reported are: 1 Vietnamese are more concerned about their security and less concerned about their individual freedom than are Americans; 2 the value systems of males in the two countries tend to be more similar than the value systems of women; 3 college educated Vietnamese respondents are more like their American counterparts than are less educated Vietnamese; and 4 in many respects, the values of college educated Vietnamese are more similar to Americans' values than to those of other Vietnamese. But at the end of the day, we can all admire the same beach sunset.

This is unlike Vietnamese food, which contains a wide variety of spices and herbs. Three comparisons of value systems were made: 1 overall differences between Americans and Vietnamese; 2 differences between males and females in the two countries; and 3 differences between individuals with comparable amounts of education in the two countries.

compare the family structures and values in the us to those in vietnam

In America, students engage in other activities outside the classroom. Americans and Vietnamese use some culinary items when eating. Fish sauce is a main spice in almost every Vietnamese dish.

similarities between vietnam and america

Noodles are not a main part of American diet. Americans idea of eating out is by going to restaurants, where they are served different types of meals.

A comparison of american and vietnamese value systems

Americans enjoy eating out at restaurants and ordering ready-made meals. In Vietnam, the students do not engage in other social activities outside the classroom, other than the normal play that children engage in during their learning breaks. What is this guy saying? Vietnamese make and eat noodles from wheat, rice, or beans. In both countries, couples have engagement ceremonies before holding a wedding ceremony. Share this with the world! Vietnamese use sauces a lot, especially fish sauce, and a meal is never complete without the sauces. This seems to be a big difference to Vu, as she said American culture praises full figured, strong women. If the parents disapprove of the future spouse and does not approve of the marriage, then the couple does not get married. What do you think the lovely barista above is trying to tell me?? First of all, Vietnam and America both have farmlands and seas to raise animals and sea creatures.

Are you a Westerner in Vietnam? Before there were very few Vietnamese living in the United States.

difference between vietnamese and american food

One of the biggest differences she identified was in food preparation. Most of the schools that are in the big cities or busy districts are more expensive; the tuitions are higher.

Difference between american and vietnamese culture essay

While Americans tend to put things in the oven and wait for it to be ready, traditional Vietnamese food often calls for the use stovetops and for special ingredients. So their meals would most have of fish and rice every day. In Vietnam, teachers do not encourage critical thinking. This is contrasted with the taste of American food. In America, students engage in other activities outside the classroom. Desserts are not included in Vietnamese cooking, and one often takes a fruit at the end of the meal. In Vietnam, the food culture is different, as Vietnamese will spend a lot of time in food preparation. How to cite this essay Choose cite format:. The wedding reception is a time for the couple to share one of the most important days in their lives with their families and friends. Both their leadership styles and personal attributes enabled both of them to enter into the spirit of the Vietnamese people and gather together support. Another strong beauty standard in Vietnam is the existence of tattoos.
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Compare and Contrast Essay between Vietnam and America