A comparison between modernization and dependency

Global inequality in relation to modernization theory and dependency theory

Hence they argue that economic activity in the richer countries often led to serious economic problems in the poorer countries. When we do the analysis of the differences between the two theories the major difference which is found is that the Modernization Theory views the world development and the association between the developing and the developed countries is that of potentially equal countries and these countries are at different stages of development at present. Also they aim to explain development but using different angles. To state it more accurately Modernization Theory specifies that and is very much fixed about the fact that the Western nations are well- developed. Similarities between the Modernization theory and Dependency Theory It has been found that the Dependency theory grew due to the criticism of the Modernisation Theory by the supporters of Dependency Theory. Do Santos is of the notion that, dependency assumes that development depends on the relationship between center and the periphery where the center or the core are the first world and developed nations while the periphery refers to the third world and developing states. For example, a celebrity and a homeless man could both be convicted for the same crime.

This is because internal situations in societies greatly affect the operations of modernization. With the help of effective comparison between both these theories it would be simple to explain and understand the recent trends in the international relationships and the outlook of future world.

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The major impacts brought by each of these theories regarding development may assist us in explaining and demonstrating the next contrasting theme. Therefore it becomes imperative to mention that both the theories are very ethnocentric in some or the other way because both of them ignore any other practical way of development of the Third World nations.

It is worthy of mention that the comparison of these theories will help better understand the current trends in international relations and the future perspectives of the world.

Characteristics of dependency theory

Conclusion Thus, considering all previously listed, you'll be able to conclude that Modernization theory and Dependency theory are similar in their views on the modern world. Boston: Peter Sargent. Instead both always keep on stating that the western countries development is the only example which the developing countries need to follow whether willingly or forcible, while on the other hand they do not look for any alternative ways for the development of Third World countries Preston, Basically the need of the hour is that the Third World nations should blindly follow the developed western nations as examples in order to achieve prosperity economically, socially and culturally too. Modernization, Receive assured help from our talented and expert writers! This essay seeks to compare and contrast modernisation and dependency theory. Moreover, dependency is a very deep-seated historical process, rooted in the internationalization of capitalism. Page 3 of 11 According to Sharmila, dependency theory is the relationship between two or more countries assumes the form of independence when some dominant ones can do this as reflection of the expansion. This depicts that the Third World countries are being forced to follow and accept the western norms and standards and nay kind of disobedience by the developing nations can lead to cancellation of economic sanctions or worse still it can also result in military intervention by the developed nations Schelkle, Moreover dependency theory states that, there is the core, semi periphery and the periphery. Everyone is treated equal in the eyes of law.

Modernisation theory has several concepts that see the solution as a top down approach utilising international markets and investment to bring in wealth and development to the area.

While the Dependency Theory stands in striking contrast to the Modernization Theory and highlights the fact that association between the developed and developing nations is not simply based upon the mutual assistance between them which keeps on growing rather it is based upon reliance of developing nations on the Western nations.

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Smith, cited in Matunhu pointed out that; modernisation is about exchange of older agriculture practices with something more recent. Ferraro, V. This theory not only stresses the procedure of change but also the results of that change.

Difference between modernization and development

In this context only we refer to the Modernisation Theory and the Dependency Theory which do have some similarities although the contrasts are more between them. Both the theories agree to the fact that the mutual cooperation between the developing and western countries is growing leading to integration. Ferraro, V. The major impacts brought by each of these theories regarding development may assist us in explaining and demonstrating the next contrasting theme. These experiences start developing in the same way as that of developed nations, but then too they are unable to catch-up with the fast development trends of developed countries and therefore lag behind in the world of development. Nevertheless, both theories underline the dominant position of Western countries in the modern world and leave little room for the alternative ways of the development but the western one, which is viewed as the only way of the development of the future world in the context of the global economy. Matunhu postulate that, the relations between dominant and dependent states are dynamic because the interactions between the two sets of states tend to not only reinforce but also intensify the unequal patterns. Pearson Education Ltd, Malaysia. Therefore there is a strong bond between the developing and developed nations. This clearly shows that both theories acknowledge a development gap between developing and developed countries.
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Comparison Of Dependency Theory With Modernization Theory Politics Essay