A brief story of my battle with bipolar disorder

After sharing my story at a CIT training, one officer asked me: "How am I able to help people in my community if I don't even know this exists?

famous people with bipolar

You can also think of the bipolar spectrum as a hill, with unipolar depression at the bottom and bipolar manic depression at the top. It was there in black and white.

My first word was not "mama" or "dada," it was "hi. What was I thinking? I was numb for 4 years after his death until I finally crashed. The last time I entered this cycle was Christmas week of and it lasted just four days. For the three years that followed my mind was marred by extreme levels of depression.

Living with bipolar 2

Vintage, Kay Redfield Jamison is an accomplished woman with academic credentials and a professor of psychiatry at the prestigious John Hopkins University School of Medicine. The other hand is bipolar I manic depression. In elementary school, I was full of hyperactive energy and had a hard time sitting still. It was there in black and white. I was 38 years old, bipolar, and trying to kill myself. For most of my teenage years, I struggled with sadness, lack of energy, rapid mood cycles and suicidal thoughts without knowing the cause of the symptoms. Cheryl lives with her two rescue dogs in Jupiter, FL. What exists in the middle is the bipolar II spectrum. The third edition has been revised to include new medications and the new symptom criteria used to diagnose this condition, among other changes and updates. For a year and a half before this event, I had been living with one of the worst depression cycles of my life. We recommend the following: Madness: A Bipolar Life By the author of the groundbreaking memoir Wasted about her struggle with eating disorders written nearly a decade ago, Marya Hornbacher is back. This does not surprise me. When the results placed me on the spectrum, I was deeply confused. My husband was a controlling, verbally abusive man.

My thoughts would race from one thing to another. Never stop fighting.

What causes bipolar disorder

Take Bipolar Quiz Bipolar I disorder is often accompanied by other illnesses I never struggled with anxiety until my diagnosis of bipolar I. When the results placed me on the spectrum, I was deeply confused. I was agitated and irritable, and my racing mind was catastrophizing everything that went slightly awry. Just as my bipolar dad had done when he was 55 years old. They both have harsh long-term issues as they are supposed to be used as short-term solutions. My dad would spend thousands of dollars on Rolex watches and high-end stereo equipment and then lock himself in his bedroom for days. In that span, I tried to take my life three different times—, , and In college, not only did I have a full schedule of classes and a job, but I also threw myself into activist groups and partied every night of the week. Send securely The details of this article have been emailed on your behalf. I was numb for 4 years after his death until I finally crashed.

There will always be battles in my mind.

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Mariah Carey opens up about her battle with bipolar disorder