13 explain the post 16 options

For example, if you have chosen to study A-Levels at sixth form, you could also apply for your local sixth form college and further education college. Key facts about A levels: A levels do not train or prepare you for jobs but they are well respected by employers and are still the standard entrance qualifications for entry to university.

For the first time in your life, you will have a choice over where you will go and what you will study, and with a bit of thought and care, you can make the right decisions and avoid making mistakes over your choices. The post 16 options set out by the government are: College Sixth form Apprenticeships Employment with training One of the reasons for this change has been because of the governments concerns over the number of year olds who have been classified as Neets.

Your teachers will be asking you so make sure you are able to confidently tell them each of your options.

13 explain the post 16 options

National Careers Service The National Careers Service has a very good summary page for post options - click on the logo below to visit. A lot these kids were pampered, chauffeured, over protected, over parented and just plain spoiled. Order Now Explain the Post 16 Options for Young and Adults Explain the post 16 options for young people and adults Once a young person finishes year 11 they have different options available to them they can choose to go on to further education this can be either within the school in the sixth form or they could go to college. Since all young people have been required to continue in education or training untill they turn 17 years of age this will increase to 18 years of age by Diplomas- are when the student is still based in their school or college but they have the chance to learn in other settings such as the work place or a college giving them a taste of what to expect in that particular occupation. We will write a custom essay sample on Explain the Post 16 Options for Young and Adults or any similar topic only for you Order Now Key skills- these are designed to prepare students for the working environment and are usually run alongside or are included in other courses although are available on their own. The button below links to a very simple but effective guide from Which University to which A Level options can be required for specific degree courses, so if you think you know where you want to be headed, you can use this to double check: There is also a new A Level choices checker from the Russell Group of Universities which highlights that they are now placing less emphasis on the idea of 'facilitating subjects' and encouraging a wider range of A Level Choices. Hell, getting a car at age 16 has become a rite of passage! To their extreme credit, they paid extra taxes so we could have excellent schools, Many school activities, and anything else we needed to get a good start.

Many Year 11 students have now applied for their options for September. If you are focused on a business-based career, it can be tempting to choose all business type A levels such as business studies, economics and accounting. They usually focus on more academically driven pathways.

What are my Post Options? There is also further support provided locally and nationally for students and parents with next steps; see details on the flyers below.

You can do this at Herschel or at another school with a sixth form or a sixth form college. Three, sometimes four subjects only are studied. This provides you with the best basis to access university courses, although it's not the only way.

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But you do have a number of options for the form this can take.

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13 Explain The Post 16 Options Essay